Advanced parental controls

Why Do We Need Advanced Parental Controls?


Today, with more children using technology from an early age, more of them are exposed to online threats, including inappropriate content, cyberbullying or even sexual predators. Naturally, parents are more interested in better protection, and the need for advanced parental controls grows.
Online safety of children is a growing concern for parents. Market researcher Childwise notes that 5-16-year-old children spend around 6.5 hours in front of screens each day. According to the National Poll on Children’s Health, 55% of parents name internet safety as one of their top 5 health concerns. In 2016, Pew Research Center revealed that 60% of parents had checked their teen’s social media. 61% of parents agree that bullying and cyberbullying is a primary health concern.
These concerns have inspired a lot of software solutions parents can install on their children’s devices. The problem with this approach is that it is not effective. While these tools provide content filtering, a savvy teen can easily bypass the system with the use of proxy sites. Router-based parental control solutions fall short when kids turn off WiFi. Furthermore, none of the existing solutions address parents’ top concern: cyberbullying.

Why should Network Operators improve their infrastructure?

  • Internet users are getting younger and savvier. They easily bypass basic parental controls. Parents are deeply concerned and need effective parental controls to keep their kids safe online, wherever they are.
  • Network Operators have the means to protect their customer base. They can easily deploy a parental control solution in home routers, cloud, and the network core, reaching every customer easier than ever before.
  • Cross-spectrum protection for all devices. Network Operators with mobile service offerings can offer an advanced parental controls solution across home and cellular networks.

CUJO AI Advanced Parental Controls for Network Operators:

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