Mobile World Congress

CUJO AI at Mobile World Congress


At the Mobile World Congress (MWC) you can find us among the most intriguing mobile visionaries.
We are the only company in the world that offers cross-spectrum protection for both LAN and Wireless (including mobile and public WiFi).  
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1. CUJO AI for Mobile (4G/LTE)

This solution provides network security and parental controls for mobile devices. Customers can seamlessly control and protect all their mobile devices and their entire online experience from one app.
Book this demo and try out the full spectrum of CUJO AI capabilities on mobile devices.

2. CUJO AI Inspector

CUJO AI Inspector offers intelligent device protection from zero-day malware. It provides endpoint security for devices at home (including laptops and IoT devices) and outside of it (i.e., smartphones or tablets).
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3. Parental Controls

CUJO AI parental controls built upon ML-assisted network intelligence. It keeps track of kids’ devices no matter where the children are or which network they are using. All parental settings from the home network are effective while using cellular data or WiFi (including public WiFi).
Book this demo if you’d like to try our security and device management features for mobile devices. 

4. Predator Alert

CUJO AI offers a semantic analyzer powered by machine learning. It scans social networks and text messages on all child’s devices. Then, it provides a prediction whether the exchanges were neutral or potentially harmful. It automatically detects profanity, sexually offensive and predatory messages on applications and text messages.
Book this demo and experience the precision of our machine learning algorithms.

5. Embedded Agent

CUJO AI embedded agent is deployed on the network operator’s router and provides the home user with network security, device intelligence, and parental controls. We support different deployment architectures on various routers. 
Book the time and try out a real-time demo: run CUJO on a custom router.

6. CUJO AI Platform

Our Artificial Intelligence (AI) Platform helps network operators support their customer’s privacy and security online. With this platform, operators can enable full internet protection for their home users without having to replace or introduce new hardware.
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