CUJO AI Engine

Processes Data for Classification, ML Modeling, Prediction, and Response

CUJO AI Engine is a highly advanced set of machine learning algorithms that can detect, recognize and classify connected devices, application usage and web content, security threats, and privacy risks from vast amounts of network data. It has access to the largest worldwide data set of its kind, and it’s training is continuously being updated with billions of real-world data points across hundreds of millions of connected devices. CUJO AI Engine is at the core of all CUJO AI’s services.

Key Capabilities

Packet AI

CUJO AI Engine processes packet level data to extract salient features to identify, classify and inventory connected devices and their associated operating systems, accessed content, used applications, security threats and vulnerabilities, privacy. It primarily utilizes supervised learning and reinforcement training algorithms.


Predictive AI

CUJO AI Engine utilizes unsupervised learning and reinforcement training techniques to identify patterns in correlated data to proactive develop insights on operational issues and marketing opportunities.


Sage AI

CUJO AI Engine builds threat knowledge by ingesting multiple threat and security feeds and models them into a single set of ML algorithms. It also monitors and models IoT devices to understand normal behavior, enabling it to flag zero day threats.


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CUJO AI Platform

Cloud and edge software that captures, processes, curates, and acts on network data


Monitors data and enforces policy at key points in the network


Acquires, processes, and stores vast quantities of collected data