CUJO AI Platform for Network Operators

CUJO AI Platform for Network Operators


We announce CUJO AI Platform for Network Operators, consisting of Device Intelligence, Network Security, and Advanced Parental Controls.
We help Network Operators support their customer’s privacy by placing IoT devices beyond the reach of hackers. After deploying our software and firmware solutions to their endpoints and core, Network Operators can enable full internet security protection for their home users without having to replace or introduce new hardware.
The Network Operator’s router in the home is strategically located at the interface between the home and the network. With CUJO AI, Operators have an opportunity to develop and launch AI-based solutions that leverage the computing power of the cloud and the low latency nature of the broadband network that integrates with the home router” explained Einaras von Gravrock, CEO of CUJO AI.
We already work with Greenwave Systems and other Network Operators to provide security and intelligent management of all home devices to their customers.

Device Intelligence

CUJO AI Device Intelligence offers automatic recognition, naming, and grouping of devices on the home network. The CUJO AI Device Classifier detects what kind of devices are on a network and presents the information in a user-friendly way.


Network Security

Our AI algorithms identify all user devices on the network, troubleshoot possible issues, block known threats and inform the user about the status via the app. If any suspicious activities start to happen on the network (i.e., someone outside the network tries to access an IoT device or a malware fire is detected), the connection gets blocked as well.

Advanced Parental Controls

Advanced Parental Controls allows home users to monitor and control access to the internet at home and outside of it. It includes schedules, time limits, Internet Content Filtering and App Filtering as well as protection from cyberbullying or online predators.  

New Features in CUJO AI Platform

In addition to these key services, we also offer additional new features:

  • CUJO AI for Mobile (4G/LTE)All CUJO AI Platform services for mobile devices. From now we offer cross-spectrum protection in and out of the home.
  • CUJO Inspector. Intelligent endpoint device protection and malware detection.
  • Predator and Cyberbullying Alerts. Protecting children from online threats using machine learning and behavioral analysis.

Find out more about our Platform and all new features here.