Senior Cloud Engineer

Helsinki, Finland

Budapest, Hungary

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Main task is to work in Cloud Platform Team, which owns Cloud middleware and support services, maintains cloud deployment process and code, configuration management and related tooling. 

Technical skills:

Perfect candidate must:

  • Feel convenient troubleshooting Linux-based environments. Things like ssh’ing to machine and use curl, telnet, dig, netstat, ps, ls, df should be as own skin. 
  • Have a solid understanding of principles on writing/testing/deploying maintainable production-grade software components. Ideally have experience in writing AWS Lambdas with NodeJs or Python; 
  • Have experience in provisioning resources in cloud-based environments using infrastructure as a code. Ideally AWS CloudFormation or Terraform; 
  • Have Solid understanding and experience building declarative automation pipelines with any CI/CD stack to compile, test, package and deploy components. 
  • Experience / knowledge in running containerized and serverless applications in AWS. 
  • Experience in working with AWS, especially services like EC2 (AMI, EBS, ALB, networking), VPC, S3, IAM, Route 53, CloudWatch, RDS, DynamoDB, ECS, Lamba, EMR etc). 

Additional karma points can be collected if candidate has:

  • Infrastructure and application configuration management 
  • AWS certifications are plus (DevOps, Security, Solution Architect, Associate & Professional levels)  
  • Knowledge of messaging infrastructure systems, like RabbitMQ, Kafka, AWS Kinesis.  
  • Understanding of software release and lifecycle management, also for libraries etc. (Maven / Gradle repository usage, PyPi, NPM, DockerHub / ECR etc.).   
  • Hands – on experience in provisioning monitoring and alerting systems at high load. Especially valuable in case worked with AWS CloudWatch, Telegraf, InfluxDB, Chronograf, Grafana, Kapacitor. 
  • Experience in working with open-source monitoring tools in multiple environments (Chronograf, Grafana, AWS CloudWatch… 
  • Experience in virtualized environments, preferably hands-on experience in Docker 
  • Hands on experience in running non-trivial production workloads in AWS environments, preferably being responsible of an end-to-end service.   
  • Understanding always online, rolling upgrades, canary deployments, blue green / red-black deployment models.  
  • Experience in debugging and troubleshooting business critical production systems under heavy loads.  
  • Test automation and genuine interest / obsession to automate everything.  
  • Cost awareness and understanding how to monitor costs, analyse existing systems cost structure and make suggestions for more cost-effective use of AWS cloud services 
  • Security minded, experience in securing AWS environments (understanding the basic principles and building blocks of “security in the cloud”, and convenient with AWS IAM). 
  • Understanding of auto-scaling and self-healing concepts & principles of building resiliency in distributed systems.  

Other skills important to the role: 

  • Be able to show and take initiative with challenging tasks 
  • Documentation skills (processes, diagrams, technical designs)  
  • Good communication skills in English 
  • Conveniently work in an environment where multiple teams with varying technical levels are working in same project in multiple different sites.   
  • Co-operative, relentless and can-do attitude; ability to drive things through the organization.   
  • Team player, able to express her own opinions, justify them and take in and apply feedback.  
  • Being strong where sees the need, but also giving room to other opinions.   
  • Experience in working with multinational teams spread across different physical sites. 

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