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CUJO AI delivers advanced Artificial Intelligence (AI) based capabilities to Network Services Providers (NSPs) around the globe. Our revolutionary AI-driven platform provides next generation:

  • Network security
  • Device intelligence
  • Parental/content controls

We create technology that helps NSPs offer a personalized end-user experience using data and machine learning on both LAN and 5G mobile networks.

  • We’re passionate about quality, security and continuous delivery
  • We embrace the Agile software development methodology
  • We protect 500 million connected devices globally

CUJO AI is looking for Lead/Principal Architect to lead the technical work in how CUJO’s solutions and their support systems are developed and run, constantly improve them towards better operational excellency, larger scale and higher level of automation and auto-healing capabilities.

About the position

This role is technical and involves hands-on work with public cloud technologies and deployment tooling, focused primarily on AWS.  

As a Lead Architect you will need to work closely with R&D and Labs technical teams, operations and delivery organization to understand the automation and tooling needs and transform those into technical requirements and building consistent and unified common delivery pipelines and supporting teams in building CUJO’s future technical service organization and working models. 

You will also be expected to lead technical definition work for new building blocks of CUJO Cloud solution by acting as a bridge between different teams and ensuring service designs and development fits and adds value to the overall CUJO solution technical architecture big picture.


  • Define and lead technical work related to CUJO solution automation technical stacks
  • In co-operation with R&D and DevOps teams, design and implement CUJO’s main platforms and related tooling
  • In co-operation with Labs organizations design and define how efficienteffective and reliable large scale data processing pipelines are built and operated
  • In co-operation with Labs protection service and CUJO service operations teams, design and define how production deployment pipelines, monitoring, alerting and logging are done and used
  • Participate and contribute to the operations technical systems and deployment pipeline implementation 
  • Guide development teams across all company units in building resilient, scalable, robust, fault-tolerant, auto-scaling and self-healing applications. Build samples where others can take example from
  • Participate in the work in driving CUJO towards an efficient and effective service team operating model by defining and contributing to company-wide technical guidelines and conventions 
  • Participate in company-wide architecture steering and technology evaluations 
  • Participate on CUJO’s AWS account team collaboration work together with other lead architects and technical staff


This role requires experience in designing and implementing large-scale cloud automation platforms that are efficient, effective, reliable and secure, as well as experience from the front line of production operations. 

We are looking for Lead Architect who has been working in a DevOps minded organization and designing, implementing and deploying large-scale automation platforms and pipelines and been responsible for the operations and availability of those services, has strong desire in operational excellence, DevOps and automation and is keen in working in defining how production environments should look like and how application services are to be deployed, run and operated in production so that availability is maximized for end users, while also ensuring deployments are cost efficient and secure to operate. 

This is a technical hands-on role where you will be coding and building concrete solutions i.e. have the opportunity to lead also by doing. Despite strong emphasis on deployment automation and production operations related aspects, this role is primarily focused on designing and building software systems on top of multi-regional and multi-account AWS environment.

Main technical competencies helping you to be successful in this role include: 

  • Several years of hands-on experience in building and operating large-scale, efficient, effective, reliable and secure data processing and decision-making pipelines
  • Several years of hands-on experience in working with AWS 
  • Good understanding of the public cloud security models and specifically AWS IAM, and container security related best practices 
  • Good understanding of cost-efficient system architectures and AWS billing models 
  • Knowledge of infrastructure as code tooling (Terraform / AWS CloudFormation, AWS CDK)working models, understanding CI/CD pipelines (Jenkins, AWS CodePipeline) 
  • Knowledge of messaging infrastructure systems and event-based architectures (Kafka, AWS Kinesis, SQS/SNS) 
  • Capability to do hands-on coding with Java / NodeJS / Python in containerized and serverless AWS architectures
  • Hands-on experience of time-series based metrics and monitoring systems running in large production loads 
  • Experience in SaaS monitoring / alerting systems 
  • Experience in running non-trivial production workloads in AWS environments, being responsible of end-to-end service deployments and operations 
  • Knowledge of AWS networking related services, Direct Connect / VPN, VPC Peering, Transit Gateways, Private Link / VPC endpoints are considered a plus, but are not required  
  • Experience in working with telecom operators, preferably Tier 1  

Besides technical competencies, you’re also convenient in working with multi-national and physically distributed teams, this requires good written and spoken English as well as good presentation skills.  

A big part of this role is supporting and empowering others and guiding their work towards common goal(s) without having direct authority. You will work closely with other technical people and units by consulting them, suggesting technical stacks and reviewing and giving feedback to their technical designs. You have good technical leadership skills and also can work smoothly with people with different backgrounds and expectations.

We value especially following soft skills: 

  • DevOps / service team mind; your closest colleagues are other technical architects, operations and service management teams, DevOps specialists and core R&D senior fellows 
  • Able to visualize architectures and technical designs and to explain them to both technical and business-oriented people 
  • Co-operative, relentless and can-do attitude
  • Team player, able to express his/her own opinions, justify them and take in and apply feedback  
  • Being strong where sees the need, but also giving room to other opinions  
  • Experience in working with multinational teams spread across different physical sites

Benefits and Perks

  • Ability to work flexible hours
  • Hybrid work model
  • Modern development equipment
  • Conferences, training, books – anything for your development
  • Opportunity to learn from highly skilled colleagues
  • Based on your competences, GROSS salary starting at 6600 EUR/month
  • Benefits package that includes Health Insurance, snacks, and more!

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